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Expand What Crypto
Can Do for You


Join our new independent ecosystem and connect to the world through crypto. Buy, spend, and transfer all within the Life App with ZEDCoin, a stable currency with a value of 1 USD to 1 ZEDCoin—the first of its kind. Live life more seamlessly by using ZEDPay on daily transactions, whether at the gas pump, buying veggies at the supermarket, or another cup o' joe at the coffee shop. 



All your doubts about safety can vanish now since we have built ZEDPay on the Proton Blockchain. It safeguards all your wallets, accounts, transactions, and payments. We are committed to making the most secure and dependable platform possible for users with trustworthy features. Our tenacious platform and networks guarantee that every transaction, payment, currency, and action is always backed up and in good hands.



The foremost trait that sets ZEDCoin a class apart is its purpose of being an alternative currency. The fact that you can make everyday transactions through crypto with the help of ZEDCoin is a revolution in the crypto world. The cherry on the top is low transaction fees, quicker and simpler transactions, and seamless international transfers. It’s no surprise that ZEDCoin can be used everywhere, with all the new technological advances in everyday businesses we are witnessing. You ask where, when, and how can ZEDCoin be used? Anytime, anywhere and on anything.

 Advanced Japanese Technology

ZEDPay was built using advanced Japanese technology. Our Japanese engineers ensured their primary goal was to provide top-tier quality and technology for both user and organizational convenience without compromise.

For more Details check our White paper below

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