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Make your life easier with LifeApp

Welcome to a one-stop solution for all your payments. Life App is the one prop you didn’t even know you needed for your payments and social communications. So enjoy the comfort of having it all in one app, from chatting with your friends to paying for your new haircut.

#Hack101 for instant money transfer- ZEDPay

Step into the zone where spending money takes as little time as sending an Emoji. Also, did we mention that you can now send money to friends through chat boxes and avoid tiresome transaction processes? Send that urgent money in the Quickest way possible.

Understanding ZEDPay

This unique Blockchain Payment Solution feature inbuilt into Life App boosts your transaction efficiency. With ZEDPay, you are not only guaranteed secure payments but can also explore crypto beyond trade.


Hey High transaction fees, Bye-Bye

We have all faced enough frustration from hidden transaction fees—time to use ZEDCoin to avoid all those hidden charges and send money instantly.

It's Safe, It's Easy.

Isn't it tough to find a reliable source of communication with end-to-end encryption for your conversations that also supports full HD video/ audio calls? We have them all, and we make it easy for you to safeguard your privacy.

Your Go-to place for all Payment Solutions

Why limit ourselves to only sending or receiving money in an app? Life app helps you pay for your daily coffee, self-care shopping, that new gadget you want, and even those fancy restaurants you want to try. So lose that heavy pocket filled with coins and crumpled notes of yours and switch to this new digital wallet.

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