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ZEDPay is a global financial technology company that is at the heart of digital currency innovation and open financial infrastructure. We are a blockchain-enabled platform aimed at disrupting the conventional financial system with a more modern approach to money.


Our mission is to increase economic prosperity on a worldwide scale through the frictionless exchange of money. We’re doing that by revolutionizing the way you interact with people and businesses, enabling and promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. We’re making it possible to connect with friends and family via the Life App and use ZEDPay to purchase your favorite goods and services with the world's first stable-value blockchain payment system.


Our Journey So Far

Founded in 2022

Founded in 2022, ZEDPay is the first of its kind - a stable-value blockchain payment system. While other cryptocurrencies are flooding the market without providing any value, ZEDPay & ZEDCoin bring a real-use case to the crypto industry. Get ready to become a part of the world's stable-value blockchain payment system, which has a fixed exchange rate of 1 USD for every ZEDCoin.

Fast Features

Take advantage of transactions that are quicker and more efficient than ever before. Simply sign up, purchase ZEDCoin, then immediately be able to spend or send to friends, use them at restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores, and much more at your own convenience. It's that easy!

Safe and Secure

We built the ZEDPay platform with safety in mind.  The Proton blockchain ensures the security of your accounts, purchases, and transactions. Proton provides enhanced security and safety for ZEDPay and all of your personal information.

Stats and Numbers

With the unimaginable feat of garnering 6000+ users in just two months, we have come a long way but still have much further to go. Conducting at least 18000 transactions in a month with 80000+ minutes of calls every week, ZEDPay is ready to give it all for you.

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